Reiki is designed to work only for your highest and greatest good. Think of it as a beautiful stress reduction meditation that allows higher elevated energy to flow through to help heal and create space and clarity in the areas that may need it most in your life. Lala work’s with Chakra healing alongside Usui Reiki and aura cleansing to help align you with your best self, along with providing a reading of insights after the session that offers some guidance along your journey. The sessions are completely remote, you just need a quiet space you can be still at for an hour as well as something to play music out of- the rest will be sent in a wellness bundle if you opt for it! There is no video call, we will simply start the session at the booked time with instructions you will get after booking your session. Prep(like drinking water and getting rest) will be sent before and again, a reading after. At any time you can always feel free to reach out about any questions. I want to send my abundant gratitude to you for choosing something that is in alignment with your best self and choosing YOU. There is only one healer of your body and that is you and doing this helps provide a deeper connection to that. I look forward to working with you and all the abundant blessings that will be sent your way!